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to get job in China 🇨🇳

👉 Requirement for type D(phd working in China for research)

type D: we need another 30 PHD:

About our company:
Beijing Haibaichuan Technology LTD
size: 200 people
focus on Engineering/Materials/Biomedical field project develop and research. We are top company in AI/3d modeling and also provide consulting/develop service for wide range of businesses, around our product chain.
our website: http://deeppose.cn/

About Payment:
will be little higher than Market level payment(can be negotiable) and provide vocation of 10 days.

(0).Must worked more than 36 month after PHD graduation, Must still not work in China.
(1). Must be PHD degree(degree got before 2020,March) from School of QS200.
(2). age under 60 years, no limitation of country.
(3). can work in China Office(big city of south China) or remotely work for us(but must work 3 month in China, we also provide 10 days vocation in China)
(4). Major should be:

1. Major in mold design and manufacturing
2. Mechanical, control, engineering design majors
3. Major in Industrial Automation
4. Major in Mechatronics
5. Major in Optical Fiber Communication
6. Major in light source and lighting
7. Major in Polymer Materials and Engineering
8. Composite materials and engineering
9. Renewable resource science and technology major
9. Major in Rare Earth Engineering
10. Major in Environmental Engineering
11. Major in Energy and Power Engineering
12. Major in cable engineering
13. Major in chemical fiber production technology
14. Major in Mechanical Engineering Materials
15. Medical equipment major
16. Biomedical Engineering
17. Welding Technology and Engineering
18. Polymer materials and engineering, polymer physics and chemistry
19. Major in chemical technology and material science
20. Pharmacy, pharmaceutical preparations, medicinal chemistry
21. Major in Composite Materials
22. Agronomy
23. Metallurgy
24. Major in refrigeration equipment and low temperature technology


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