Easy, fast

to get job in China 🇨🇳

👉 Requirement for type E(master/phd working in China for outsouring)

E type Candidate:

We will issue work visa for Pakistan candidate to China and candidate will work for our company or company around our industry.

About our company:
We are company focus on Software develop, manage, and outsourcing
Size: 100 people
Location: Beijing, China. Have branch office in 11 cities.
Web: deeppose.cn

Job description:
1. Will work as our employee for our our company or company around our industry(outsourcing job).
2. Will Work in city of south China, according to major.
3. Various kind of office jobs, depend on your major. We more prefer English teacher, Programmer, Trading Business people, Designer.
4. Usually, Payment around 3-6 times than Islamabad
5. We provide free language tutorial in islamabad office for 2-4 weeks and then fly to China(the ticket to China and all cost before flying must be paid by self).
6. We pay everything after landing China including accommodation/food before you found job. All cost and our service fee will be deducted after candidate got job and payment.(we charge 8% of salary and will help in all things, candidate can choose to stop the service but must fly back or find next employer to get legal visa.
7. We will arrange 1-3 month temporary job(100-300usd/per month payment) after landing China for candidate familiar new environment and easy to get new job.

1. Must be Master Degree
2. No accent when speak english (it is much easy to find job

Whole process:
1. Candidate should be recommend by agency or hunter.
2. Pass our final interview and sign contract.
3. Enjoy a free language tutorial (2-4 weeks) in our islamabad office.
4. Fly to China and do temporary job (1-3 month)
5. Got a fixed job finally.


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