Easy, fast

to get job in China 🇨🇳

📆 How is the whole process to get our invitation and work in China?



1. requirement: at least bachelor degree. no limit major. but programmer/modeling/English teaching is most welcomed.

2. job detail:
* programmer/modeling/English teaching and others
* salary(most are 2-6 times or more than Pakistan, for example, for 3-5 years experienced python programmer/modeling/english teacher, u will get pay around 2000usd/month.)
* in Beijing

3. detail process:
* interview first, and we will give work permit. then u can apply visa for work.
* fly to Beijing(ticket bear by yourself)
* we provide 2 month accommodation for free and help u to meet employer. most people will got job in 1 month.
* if u really can not find job in 2 month, u should fly back by yourself. (this will not happen if u really pay effort)
* we will have contract before give permit.

4. we will charge 10% of salary income from your salary. and provide help in whole process.


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